We Believe

-no one is a lost cause
-Addiction can be conquered
-people can change for good

We are not a shelter - but a life change

Ignite Center offers a free 1 year Discipleship program with residential housing, food, community, and spiritual guidance as we work to address the root causes of substance abuse and depression.  Our goal is to provide hope and healing through the development of a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ. 

Chicago Women's Home Now Open

Through God’s Blessing we are excited to announce the opening of the Ignite Center for Women. Our free 1 year discipleship program with residential housing is now available for women as well as men. 


We are survivors.

We were drug addicts, alcoholics, and ex-cons. But through the healing power of Jesus Christ, we have been reborn and changed.

Miracles do happen and they can happen to you.

We believe because we know.


Ignite Chicago offers healing and transformation to men and women struggling with addiction, despair, and brokenness.  We offer long-term healing and the opportunity for a life free from addiction with faith-based support. 

Recovery is not a quick fix – it is a life-long process. We offer long-term healing – the opportunity for a life free from addiction with faith-based support.


What We Do

Ignite Center is committed to transforming lives that are broken by addiction and hopelessness through the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

Recovery is not a quick fix – it is a life-long process, which demands an ongoing commitment. We offer long-term healing, community, and faith-based support and the opportunity for a life free from addiction and brokenness.


Want Help?

Jesus desires to give you a brand new life. He desires to have a relationship with you. If you’re struggling and need help, or know someone who is, Ignite Chicago can help.

When you develop a personal relationship with God, you can be changed – For Good. We know, we’ve been there. 

Jesus is waiting for you. All you have to do is show up.


Get Involved

Ignite Center is funded from individual donors, civic, social, and religious organizations. By working together, we can transform individuals, heal families, and build healthy communities. 

There are many ways to help. Attend a church service, visit with us at an event, email us, or just drop by. We would love to show you who we are and what we can do together.


I started using drugs when I was 12…

I was in and out of jail my whole life. Then at 40, I found what had been missing from my life. I found a relationship with Jesus Christ. All lf this was possible because of the Men’s Home. Ignite Center Men’s Home gave me hope, purpose and a family. I was able to rebuild my relationship with my own family and now have a full-time job, a home and a life all through the grace of God. My life will never be the same.

Ten years in prison didn’t stop me…

Even after spending 10 years away from drugs and my family, I couldn’t kick the habit. I got hooked on crack cocain and almost died. I lost all contact with my wife and kids. I lived on the streets just living for the next fix. Somehow God directed me to Ignite Chicago. At first I just went through the motions, but then something inside just changed. I found I believed! And that belief has changed my life forever. Thank you Ignite Center!